#3 Elight Singles Review

Well I decided to take a deep dive into the dating site elitesingles.com and here are my findings. Let me start by defining elite singles. This is an online dating site/app that is meant to connect those looking for love. The app is currently down for improvements on some features but we can work with the site. To be specific the site is for professionals or single millionaires. As you might guess this sight is not for millennials. You get to interact with mature respectable singles. This is something that most sights don’t offer. When rich women looking for men visit a sight they want a serious knowledgeable man which is exactly what I found in elite singles. Its easier to date in this app since all profiles are absolutely real and the academic background of everyone in the sight is above average.

How Much Do I pay?

The pricing is great considering these are professionals about 30-55 years of age.

The pricing is amazing with the 6-month membership you get to save up to 40 percent. With the 12-month membership you save up to 50 percent.

Features of the App/Site

Personal profile

In elite singles one can create a personal profile that will enable him/her to find love. When creating an account one has to fill a questionare or rather “the personality test”. Well I think that the questions where balanced. Somewhat awkward and weird if I might say. I don’t know why anyone would lay out their negative side to the world or to a potential lover. You might scare them away. There are questions I filled about beauty where I had to scale myself and tell the world if am overweight or sexy. That did not stand well with me. I think things like this should be left in the hands of the lovers to decide if it is a deciding factor in their life.

Other than that it was so much fun though and I love the way you get to set up an account and add as many pictures as you want. This way someone might see the profile and get drawn to it.

Partner suggestions

The site gives you 5 to 7 suggestions everyday on potential lovers. Single men looking for love have a chance to getting something real. There are over 50,000 people on the site and one is bound to be the one.

Upload photos/Receiving and sending messages

In this sight you can upload up to 25 photos and even connect to Facebook and share more pictures. I want to see pictures of my potential lover and this is perfect since once you see different pictures from different angles.

As long as you have a profile you can send and receive messages from different users. Interacting is part of the reasons for people to join sites so i commend them on that.


Elite singles magazine gives you a chance learn more about dating and how to keep growing as a person. This is really helpful to those who are still not ready to move on and learn to appreciate themselves.

What I love about elite singles

1. Their commitment to educating lovers about love
2. Distance limit
3. Filters depending on personality and academic backgrounds

The site is amazing and I would prefer for most people to read the reviews from other users so that they don’t get disappointed if the site doesn’t work as desired.